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A healthy indulgence?

Yes, this is Coppa della Maga. As a dessert, for breakfast, or as a sweet snack made of 100% natural ingredients and stevia natural sweetener, instead of refined sugar. You can now stop worrying about your health or shape, when enjoying this

Ice cream

How is Coppa della Maga different

with fresh milk and cream - the good fats

innovative flavours - surprise your senses

stevia instead of sugar - less calories

instead of the usual breakfast - an unusual start

100% natural ingredients - truly healthy

big and small - for young and old

health or indulgence - both!

degustation - like a real sommelier of ice cream

Icons nutritional benefits Coppa della Maga


Milky ice cream with cherries, sweetened of course with stevia only. Enjoy this beautiful, delicious and healthy fruit…see more

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Coppa della Maga_party singe serves

Surprise your colleagues for a birthday, celebrate a well-deserved success, spoil a loved one. Whatever the occasion, Coppa della Magga is the perfect accompaniment. Our single packs in six of our most popular flavours are the perfect way to get your started.

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