Coppa della Maga ice cream Pistachio scoop_no sugar added

An Italian favourite, inspired by Sicily – one of the most divine places on earth and renowned for its pistachios. According to the season, the colour of the ice cream may vary from dark ocher to shades of vivid green. This is completely normal, as we only use pistachios to give our ice cream its rich flavour and colour.

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Ingredients: rehydrated skimmed milk, butter, pasteurised milk, cream, steviol glycosides, maltitol from vegetable source, mono- and diglycerides of vegetable fatty acids, locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenans, cold pressed pistachio nuts, roasted pistachio nuts.

Nutrition information 100g
Energy 840kJ/202kcal
Fat, 16g
of which saturates 8.7g
Carbohydrate, 10g
of which sugars * 6.7g
Protein 4.56g
Salt 0.09g

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