Sesame and honey Healthy Ice Cream

Our inspiration for this flavour originates in ancient Babylon where women used to eat crushed sesame for beauty and longevity. In fact, this is exactly the mixture we call “halva”. Our ice cream has the same dense taste, typical of halva, while the honey saturates it with its sweet aroma. This ice cream is full of healthy antioxidants, enzymes and microelements, which turns it from an indulgence into a wholesome food.

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Ingredients: rehydrated skimmed milk, butter, pasteurised milk, cream, steviol glycosides, maltitol from vegetable source, mono- and diglycerides of vegetable fatty acids, locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenans, cold pressed sesame seeds, honey, apple extract, turmeric root.

Nutrition information 100g
Energy 988kJ/238kcal
Fat, 18g
of which saturates 11g
Carbohydrate, 14g
of which sugars * 11g
Protein 5.032g
Salt 0.10g

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