We are among the very few boutique food brands to own a factory. Ours is equipped with the best machines for ice cream production in the world.

All tests are hand made in the conditions of a home kitchen, in order to achieve the best flavour and structure of the ice cream. We then recreate them using our machines, adjusting the recipes for industrial production. This is the only way to make sure we meet the high standards for hygiene of the end product and consistent quality.

Besides these obligatory manufacturing standards, we have additionally  implemented the highest standards in the food industry. This makes us one of the newest and most modern ice cream companies manufacturing to these standards in Europe.

We work with raw materials – milk, cocoa, stevia – and not with “ice cream bases” that are pre-made powder mixes, full of artificial stabilizers, colorings and aromas.

We do not use flavouring pastes – we boil our cherries with stevia, crush our dried strawberries, grind our nuts for addition or sprinkling on top. For some flavours, we use essential oils like the ones of grapefruit, bergamot or rose.

The ingredients are always pasteurized to the same temperature, in order to assure the safety of the milk, after which the mix ages overnight under a constant temperature. It is only on the next morning, that the ice cream is ready for filling in tubes.

At the end, just before we pack it for storage, we place the ice cream in a special blast freezing room at -40 degrees C. This ensures our ice cream is preserved at its best and arrives to your doorstep in perfect condition.

Coppa della Maga preparation_milk pasteurization
Coppa della Maga preparation_adding butter
Coppa della Maga preparation_homogenization and ageing
Coppa della Maga preparation_filling tubs
Coppa della Maga preparation_adding ingredients