This ice cream is made of milk, cream and butter. You may wonder why we have mentioned it but surprisingly these are not always the default ingredients used by ice cream makers. We buy milk from a source as close as possible to our factory, this ensures maximum freshness till the moment we use it for our ice cream. We add fresh cream and churned cow butter, to give the ice cream its soft consistency and strong taste. Due to the butter content of Coppa della Maga it is slightly coarser when frozen. When it gets warmer, it is soft and melts slowly to give you time to enjoy it – although even completely melted it turns into a tasty cream (never into a liquid foamy mess!). This is because it is made of 100% natural ingredients and has a high milk content, which are an important source of protein, minerals and vitamins (А, В, D and many others). With Coppa della Maga you can get your daily dairy requirements in a very delicious way.

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