Beautiful, succulent and a favourite to all, fresh strawberries stimulate the metabolism and heart function, foster healthy blood vessels, fight fatigue and support the immune system. It has been proven, that certain ingredients in strawberries improve brain function and increase the feeling of happiness.

It is a challenge however to preserve these properties after processing. That is why we use high pressure and a vacuum to extract the water from the fruit, which allows us to put strawberries in the ice cream, without them forming water crystals. Processed in that way, the strawberries preserve their entirety and aroma you can confuse them with the fresh ones! We almost feel pity that we have to crush them, in order to mix them with the ice cream, but once soaked in it, they recover the flavour of fresh strawberries. It is a curious fact that this same technology for preservation of food ingredients is used for the preparation of astronaut meals.

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