Goji berries with chocolate mousse and bananas

The goji berries have been used in the Chinese medicine for centuries, where it is even believed, they can prolong life, because of its numerous beneficial ingredients. Coppa della Maga Double Chocolate, on the other hand is rich in premium cocoa, that contains magnesium, other important minerals, vitamins and ingredients boosting the good mood and feeling of happiness.


For 1 portion:

1. 2 table spoons goji berries

2. 1 sliced banana

3. 3 scoops Coppa della Maga Double Chocolate – melted as mousse


Mix in the melted Coppa della Maga with the goji berries. If they are a bit dry, let them soften in the mousse of Coppa della Maga. Pour the mixture over the sliced banana.


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