Strawberry mousse with hemp seeds

The hemp seeds are considered as a superfood, because of its numerous beneficial qualities in a small volume. It contains essential fatty acids that can decrease the cholesterol in blood; it keeps us full for long; boosts the brain function, decreases the anxiety and depression. Another huge benefit is, that because if its capacity to penetrate the internal skin layers and to contribute for a smoother skin, the hemp seed is often used in the premium cosmetics.


For 1 portion:

1. 1 peeled banana

2. 2 scoops Coppa della Maga Strawberry or another favourite (as ice cream or mousse)

3. A handful of hemp seed


Mix in a blender for 30 sec. Add in water to get a smoothie, if you prefere it instead of the mousse.


Coppa della Maga_Strawberry_Star of the Month

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