Strawberry Rossini

A bottle of nice prosecco and a tube of Coppa della Maga and you will be carried away in a beautiful world…


For 6 portions:

1. 6 whole strawberries + 6 halves for decoration

2. 6 handfuls of crushed ice

3. 1 container (500 ml) Coppa della Maga Strawberries

4. 2 bottles (1,5 l) prosecco


1. Mix in a blender the whole strawberries, Coppa della Maga Strawberry and 200 ml prosecco until you get a smooth mixture

2. Add the crushed ice and mix for 10 more seconds

3. Pour into 6 cups and add champagne

4. Decorate with the strawberries in halves

For an even more enjoyable experience – put wet cups in the freezer for at least an hour before serving


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